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  • Notes of all subject including Calculations and Pharmacopoeia
  • Ebooks of all subjects
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Sr No. Subject Number of Exams
A.       Pharmaceutics 8
I. Physical Pharmaceutics 1
II. Pharmaceutical Engineering 1
III. Microbiology 1
IV. Jurisprudence and DHP 1
V. Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics 1
VI. Pharmaceutical Technology 2
VII. Full Course 1
B.        Pharmaceutical Chemistry 13
I. Inorganic Chemistry 1
II. Physical Chemistry 2
III. Organic Chemistry 2
IV. Medicinal Chemistry 2
V. Biochemistry 2
VI. Analytical Chemistry 3
VII. Full course 1
C.        Pharmacology 12
D.       Pharmacognosy 6
E.        Assertion and Reason 1
F.         Calculation and Conversions 1
G.       Pharmacopoeia (IP & USP) 1
H.       Final Paper GPAT 10
I.          Niper 5
J.          General Facts about Pharmaceutical Company 1
TOTAL   58
Features Others
Papers 58 10+
All Subject Inclusion Yes No
Conversion and Calculation Yes No
Assertion and Reason Paper Yes No
Pharmacopoeia Paper Yes No
Negative Marking Yes No
Instant Result Yes No
24 Hr Access Yes No
Notes Yes No
Ebooks Yes No
Daily SMS Yes No
NIPER Inclusion Yes No
Cost 600/- 3000+/-