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GPAT Online Test Series

Tests for free Users

Sr No.SubjectExpert NotesDetails
1Bio-chemistry 1 Enzymes (Download)
Vitamins (Download)
Carbohydrates (Download)
Carbohydrate Metabolism (Download)
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2Free Sample Test 3 Start Test
3Free Sample Test 1 Start Test
4Free Sample Test 2 Start Test
5Microbiology Introduction to Microorganisms (Download)
Sterilization (Download)
Antigen & Antibody (Download)
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6Introduction to Pharmacognosy-1 Introduction to Pharmacognosy (Download)
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Tests for premium Users

Sr No.SubjectExpert NotesDetails
1Final Paper-5 (Part-2) Start Test
2Organic Chemistry - 2 Start Test
3Phamacology ( full course) Start Test
4Pharmaceutical Technology-1 Start Test
5Final Paper-1 ( Part-1) Start Test
6Final Paper-1 ( Part-2) Start Test
7Final Paper-2 (Part-1) Start Test
8Final Paper-2 (Part-2) Start Test
9Final Paper-3 (Part-1) Start Test
10Final Paper-3 (Part-2) Start Test
11Final Paper-4 (Part-1) Start Test
12Final Paper-4 (Part-2) Start Test
13Pharmaceutical Technology-2 Start Test
14Final Paper-5 (Part-1) Start Test
15Calculations Start Test
16Pharmacognosy-4 (Alkaloids) Alkaloids (Download)
Start Test
17Final Exam -6 (Part-1) Start Test
18Final Exam -6 (Part-2) Start Test
19Final Exam -7 (Part-1) Start Test
20Final Exam -7 (Part-2) Start Test
21Final Exam -8 (Part-1) Start Test
22Final Exam -8 (Part-2) Start Test
23Final Exam -9 (Part-1) Start Test
24Final Exam -9 (Part-2) Start Test
25Final Exam -10 (Part-1) Start Test
26Final Exam -10 (Part-2) Start Test
27Assertion and Reason Start Test
28Inorganic Chemistry Start Test
29Pharmacognosy-5 Tannins (Download)
Volatile Oil (Download)
Resins (Download)
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30Pharmaceutical Engineering Start Test
31Pharmacology- 8 (Chemotherapy-1) Sulphonamides, Antibacterial, Antibiotic Drugs (Download)
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32Physical Pharmaceutics Kinetics, Stability, Micromeretics, Rheology (Download)
Compexation, Interfacial Phenomenon, Colloids, Suspension & Emulsions (Download)
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33Jurisprudence and DHC Jurisprudence (Download)
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34Physical Chemistry 1 Start Test
35Pharmacology 1 Introduction to Pharmacology (Download)
Pharmacodynamics (Download)
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36Pharmacology 4 (CNS-1) Sedative & Hypnotics (Download)
Alcohol (Download)
Anti Epileptic Drugs (Download)
General Anaesthetic (Download)
Anti Parkinsonism (Download)
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37Pharmacology - 3(ANS) Cholinergic Drugs (Download)
Adrenergic Drugs (Download)
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38Analysis-3 (Chromatography) Introduction to Chromatography (Download)
Ion Exchange Chromatography (Download)
Gas Chromatography (Download)
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39Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Start Test
40Analysis-2( Spectroscopy) UV - VIS Spectroscopy (Download)
IR Spectroscopy (Download)
NMR Spectroscopy (Download)
Mass Spectroscopy (Download)
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41Analysis-1 Start Test
42Physical Chemistry 2 Start Test
43Pharmacology 5 (CNS-2) Anti Anxiety (Download)
Anti Depressants (Download)
Anti Psychotic & Anti Maniac Drugs (Download)
Opioid Analgesics (Download)
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44Pharmacology-9 (Chemotherapy-2) Anti Tubercular, Anti Protozoal, Anthelmentic, Anti Leprotic, Anti Cancer Drugs (Download)
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45Pharmaceutics (full course) Start Test
46Pharmacology 11 Skeletal Muscle Relaxant (Download)
Drugs Affecting Respiratory System (Download)
Anti Ulcer Drugs (Download)
Drugs used in Constipation and Diarrhoea (Download)
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47Introduction to Pharmacognosy-2 Start Test
48Pharmacognosy-3 (Glycosides) Glycosides (Download)
Start Test
49Organic Chemistry - 1 Start Test
50Bio-chemistry 2 Amino Acids (Download)
Start Test
51Pharmacology - 7 (Hormones) Hormones (Download)
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52Pharmacology 6 (CVS) Congestive Heart Faliure (Download)
Anti Anginal Drugs (Download)
Anti Arrhythmic Drugs (Download)
Anti Hypertensive Drugs (Download)
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53Pharmacology 10 Drugs Affecting Coagulation, Bleeding & Thrombosis (Download)
Hypolipidemic Drugs & Plasma Expanders (Download)
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54Pharmacology 2 (Autacoids) Autacoids (Download)
NSAIDs (Download)
Anti Rheumatoid & Anti Gout Drugs (Download)
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55Medicinal Chemistry-1 Start Test
56Pharmaceutical Chemistry (full course) Start Test
57Pharmacognosy (full course) Start Test
58Medicinal Chemistry-2 Start Test
59Pharmacopoeia Start Test